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Making Better Maps

Don’t just make maps – make good maps!

Colors and Fonts on Maps

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to choose good fonts and colors for your maps!

Bad Maps!

Here’s a start: let’s look for bad maps (and charts) so we can avoid these mistakes!

Tutorials, Excercises, and Training


Metadata are critical for success, so please take this seriously!

ArcGIS and MS Excel

Getting spreadsheet data into MS Excel is easy…if you avoid some of the common mistakes!

GPS and DNR Garmin


Map Projections


Raster Data / Remote Sensing

(DIY) Remote Sensing

Census Data

Software – GIS

Software – Remote Sensing and Image Analysis

Software – Flowcharts, Concept Maps, and Networks

  • FreeMind: an open-source mind or concept mapping tool
  • Simple Mapper: create concept maps, network diagrams, and flowcharts
  • CMAP Tools: yet another excellent concept mapper
  • SpicyNodes: Display information online as mind maps
  • creately: a web-based, collaborative tool for diagrams
  • Gephi: create network diagrams and complex systems visualizations
  • Treemap: visualize hierarchial structures as trees and sub-trees

Software – Other


GIS Data

Web Mapping



ArcGIS Online