Science For Future Presidents

Many people, including our world leaders, do not have a solid understanding of science: this course shows you why science matters in your life and career! Our future President (or anyone else for that matter) needs to be scientifically-literate to appreciate the relevance of science for politics, policies, life in general, and our collective future. Here you will learn things that you’ll want to share immediately with your friends, roommates, and family! What we cover and discuss is important for every world leader or educated person to know in order to make informed, responsible decisions.

This is a rigorous and intensive course – a great way to fulfill your common core science requirement – but NOT a course where you can sit back and wait for things to happen! Instead, this course requires active participation and engagement, both in-class and with the material as reading, writing, and discussion activities.

GPS 0110 Science For Future Presidents (Fall 2020)

GARP 0110 Science For Future Presidents (Fall 2016)

GARP 0110 Science For Future Presidents (Fall 2015)

GARP 0110 Science For Future Presidents (Fall 2014)