GPS 0244 Introduction to GIS

GIS is many things. At the most basic level, GIS is simply a tool for making intelligent maps using a computer and we will spend a fair amount of time learning the software and data structure. However, GIS is more than just making large colorful maps – you need to consider the information and the underlying analysis to appreciate how space is often a fundamental organizing concept.

This course provides you with the fundamentals of GIS and digital mapping, including GIS skills, geospatial databases, and geospatial analysis. The goal of this course is to understand GIS as a useful and flexible tool to solve a wide range of geographic questions and problems.

This course is suitable for a variety of disciplines: Regional Planning, Environmental Science, Criminal Justice, Business and Management, Sociology, History, etc.

So – what GIS and other skills do you need for a successful career in GIS or using GIS?

GPS 0244 Introduction to GIS (Fall 2022)

GPS 0244 Introduction to GIS (Spring 2019)

GARP 0244 Introduction to GIS (Fall 2014)

GARP 0544 Introduction to GIS (Spring 2013)

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