GPS 0107/0206 Climate Change

We explore climate change from a variety of angles, beginning with the basics of our climate system, including the physics of the greenhouse effect and mechanisms (= forcings), both natural and human, of climate change.

The second part of the course focuses on climate change observed in the past, today, and in the future, including methods of (past) climate reconstruction and (future) climate prediction.

Finally we extend our discussions beyond the scientific basis and into questions of impacts, vulnerabilities, and suitable adaptation and mitigation strategies. Each of the three parts includes a relevant ‘focus theme’ designed to emphasize a certain theme or question.

GPS 0107 Climate Change (Fall 2022)

GARP 0107 Climate Change (Fall 2018)

GARP 0107/0206 Climate Change (Fall 2017)

GARP 0206 Climate Change – Honors (Spring 2014)

GARP 0206 Climate Change (Spring 2013)

Resources and information are available on my Climate Change Resources web page.

Kilimanjaro 2011
Kilimanjaro 2011