Advanced GIS

This course builds upon the skills and knowledge you acquired during the ‘Introduction to GIS’ course. I think of ‘Advanced GIS’ as ‘Advanced and Applied GIS’ in the sense that this course is designed to be applicable to your own interests and future needs.

We will expand GIS and geospatial data from merely ‘making maps’ to meaningful geospatial data analysis and data collection – using GIS as a problem-solving tool. This course is not necessarily any more difficult than GARP 0244, but introduces you to new GIS tools, ArcGIS extensions, data types, and analytical applications.

GARP 0344 Advanced GIS (Fall 2017)

GARP 0344 Advanced GIS (Spring 2017)

GARP 0344 Advanced GIS (Spring 2016)

GARP 0344 Advanced GIS (Fall 2015)

GARP 0344 Advanced GIS (Fall 2013)

Additional resources and tutorials are on my GIS Resources web page.

What is GIS?